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I approved this message

November 3, 2012

Political operatives are everywhere these days.

They’re most often on the other end of your phone, robocalling. They’re stuffing postcards into the mail, perhaps never realizing those cards usually go directly from the mail drop to the recycling bin without coming into the house. They’re down at the corner, planting campaign signs in the highway right-of-way, which is a Bozo no-no in Wisconsin.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to enjoy our notion of a soundtrack for all this intrigue.

“Mission: Impossible,” “Jim On The Move,” “Operation Charm,” The Sniper, “Rollin Hand” and “The Plot,” from Lalo Schifrin, “Music From ‘Mission: Impossible’,” 1967. This is Side 1. It runs 17:07. It’s out of print, including a 1996 CD reissue.

Starting with the full version of the familiar TV theme song, a classic, this is a wonderfully evocative, suggestive side of late ’60s jazz and pop. Recorded over three days in October 1967, it reached No. 11 on the Billboard jazz chart in 1968.

Arranged and conducted by Schifrin, it’s performed by a who’s who of great Hollywood studio musicians. Mike Melvoin has the piano solo on “Jim On The Move.” Bill Plummer (of the Cosmic Brotherhood) plays sitar on “The Sniper” (a strategy we most emphatically do not endorse). The flip side has sax solos by Bud Shank.

It’s almost too sophisticated to be a backdrop for today’s mean political climate.

Is anyone carrying out “Operation Charm” in an attempt to woo undecided voters? Didn’t think so.

Then again, even 45 years on, “The Plot” still tips you to something nasty going down.