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The unwanted album

January 18, 2008

Tonight’s side was unearthed during our last visit to the New Frontier Record Exchange in Appleton, Wisconsin a trip we discussed the other day over at our other blog — AM, Then FM.

The album I intended to — and did — buy was this one:


“The Salsoul Orchestra: Greatest Disco Hits,” a 1978 compilation album.

But upon closer inspection, this album also was inside that jacket:


“Disco Boogie Vol. 2″ is a two-record set, but this was only one of the records, with no jacket.

“Just take it,” the guy at the record store said.

So I did, and it’s not too bad. It’s mixed together as one long cut for a better experience on the dance floor. You could do worse for a party mix.

Here’s what’s on Side 1 of “Disco Boogie Vol. 2,” a 1978 compilation on Salsoul Records:

1. “Where Will It End,” Love Committee (mixed by Walter Gibbons). Easily the best cut. More straight mid-’70s Philly soul than a dance number.

2. “Dance A Little Bit Closer,” Charo and the Salsoul Orchestra. On first listen, I thought this wasn’t too bad. On subsequent listens, yes, it is.

3. “Primitive Man,” Silvetti (mixed by Tom Moulton). A couple of nice bass lines on this one, especially one that percolates relentlessly.

4. “Something’s Up (Love Me Like the First Time),” Wayne St. John. Some nice wah-wah guitar on this one.

5. “Love Is Finally Coming My Way,” True Example (mixed by Walter Gibbons). Upbeat and light, yet with a couple of strong, soulful male and female lead singers.

6. “Johnny, Johnny, Please Come Home,” Claudja Barry (mixed by Tom Moulton). You’d think this was a ’60s girl-group song if not for its driving dance orchestration.

Not for all tastes, but there are worse ways to spend 22 minutes, 29 seconds.