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Revisiting that green-eyed lady

December 31, 2009

It’s hard to believe that The Midnight Tracker is into its third year. It’s just a little blog, taking up a tiny corner of the Web, drawing an exceedingly modest number of page views.

Our most popular post was Side 1 of “Sugarloaf,” the 1970 debut album from the band that came out of Denver and hit it big.

There’s all kinds of good stuff on Side 1. There’s “Green-Eyed Lady,” of course, which everyone seems to be searching for. There’s also a cover of “Train Kept A-Rollin’,” one of my favorite old R&B tunes, done long ago by Tiny Bradshaw.

So to thank you for two good years, here’s Side 2 of “Sugarloaf.”

“West Of Tomorrow,” “Gold and the Blues” and “Things Gonna Change Some,” Sugarloaf, from “Sugarloaf,” 1970. This is Side 2. It runs 18:56. (The buy link is to a 2-on-1 CD also featuring the “Spaceship Earth” LP from 1971.)

This side is much in the vibe of the time, with some extended rock/blues/jazz jamming throughout. It’s perfect for late nights. “Things Gonna Change Some” is a little bit Dave Brubeck, a little bit Frank Zappa, if the liner notes are to be believed. As always, you be the judge.

It’s just right for The Midnight Tracker, which resurfaces at the end of every month. It emerges from the haze of time, reviving an old late-night FM radio show on which one side of a new or classic album would be played.

Hope you will stop by again.