Let the debate resume

It’s been too long since we rolled out an album side here on The Midnight Tracker. So tonight, let’s cue up a classic side from the early ’70s.

As we listened to free-form FM radio in central Wisconsin at that time, we heard a lot of tunes from REO Speedwagon’s second album, “R.E.O. T.W.O.”

Last year, we posted a couple of those tunes over at our other blog — AM, Then FM — and they always sparked debate. REO has passionate defenders and passionate detractors.

REO is playing a gig at a nearby performing arts venue next month. The top ticket is an astonishing $77.50. This, for a band you usually can see for $20 at a fair or a festival almost every summer.

If I were assured REO would play only tunes from the ’70s, when it rocked, I might pop for that $77.50 ticket. But that ain’t happening. The faithful want to hear all those power ballads.

So this will have to do. Side 2 of “R.E.O. T.W.O.” It’s the first album on which Kevin Cronin was REO’s lead singer. Most of the tunes were written by guitarist Gary Richrath, including the last three on this side.

“Music Man,” “Like You Do,” “Flash Tan Queen” and “Golden Country,” REO Speedwagon, from “R.E.O. T.W.O.,” 1972. It runs 20:55.

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2 Comments on “Let the debate resume”

  1. Bob Says:

    I grew up in the Milwaukee-Chicago corridor—moving back and forth several times. And yeah, I got an opinion on REO—-up until about 5 mins ago that opinion was “change the station!” Then –via your other site– I read the lyrics for golden country & listened to it…and dammit I never knew REO did that tune! Always thought it rocked, thanks for reminding me of it & making me re-think my opinion on REO.

  2. Fusion 45 Says:

    Nice, normal guys — for the most part — who did some great rock and roll and then got maligned for selling a million records. And 90% of the the maligners are people who bought the record and are now too cool to admit their youthful tastes. Well, I say here’s to REO Speedwagon — and the Partridge Family!

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