Join hands, Brothers and Sisters

If you have made your way over here from AM, Then FM, welcome.

In the early ’70s, Grand Funk Railroad roared out of Flint, Michigan, and cranked out rock that fell somewhere between what has been described as metal (sorry, I don’t hear it) and hard (ah, maybe). They liked to play longer tunes favored by FM radio DJs. If you are of a certain age, you will remember “I’m Your Captain” as perhaps the best example of that.

It’s the last cut on tonight’s side, from their “Closer to Home” album, released in July 1970.

It was Grand Funk Railroad’s third album. To get a feel for the album in its time, check out producer Terry Knight’s liner notes:

“Indeed, Grand Funk has matured — and that’s what this album is all about. Their music is and has been clearly a reflection of the most aware, most matured generation in the history of the world — a world which they have inherited filled with violence, pollution and desperate dying elders. …

“And now with this, their third (album), they join hands with their millions of Brothers and Sisters and say, ‘This is me … this is where I am going.’

“They are three who belong to the New Culture setting forth on its final voyage through a dying world … searching to find a way to bring us all CLOSER TO HOME.”

OK, maybe that seems a little unnecessarily apocalyptic. But those were the times.


“I Don’t Have to Sing the Blues,” “Hooked on Love,” and “I’m Your Captain,” Grand Funk Railroad, from “Closer to Home,” 1970. It runs 21:20.

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3 Comments on “Join hands, Brothers and Sisters”

  1. Larrry Says:

    Grand Funk is perhaps the greatest concert band to ever hit the stage and it is unfortunate that most young people today just know them from the radio tunes of We’re An American Band,Some Kind of Wonderful,and Locomotion because GFR was the people’s band.Doing songs about working-class people,the environment,peaceand love,crooked politicians,unjust wars and more.For the REAL GFR,check out songs like HEARTBREAKER,INTO THE SUN,CAN’T BE TOO LONG,PARANOID,INSIDE LOOKING OUT,I DON’T HAVE TO SING THE BLUES,CLOSER TO HOME,PEOPLE LET’S STOP THE WAR,I COME TUMBLIN,LONLINESS,COMFORT ME,LITTLE JOHNNY HOOKER,and ANYBODY’S ANSWER.

  2. whiteray Says:

    Now, there’s a good topic to chew on: Greatest concert band. Never having fallen for the Grand Funk magic, I never heard them. But I did hear the Rolling Stones and Chicago in the early 1970s and I heard the later incarnation of The Band. (Obviously, I heard more than those, but those groups gave the three best-played group concerts I ever heard.) Taste and judgment are individual things, certainly, but Grand Funk would have had to be spectacular to be better than the three I named. And I wasn’t there, so I don’t know. But I wonder . . .

  3. Suez Says:

    Yeah, Grand Funk were THE BEST!!! For anyone who never had the explosive pleasure of surviving-the-Sound-Blast of theirs LIVE……bummer. For the magic is gone and they are no longer together.

    The band that tours now as GFR is band without the guitar player/Singer/Song writer and Showman~Mark Farner. When the three are not together there is no Grand Funk.

    Closest you can get is Mark Farner with his band~N’rG….Now that’s MAGIC worth Rollin’ them Stones and Blowin’ them Horn Bands outta the arena!

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